Ronald J Vatalaro, known as Don Valparaiso, was a dedicated Bisk employee and SEO Specialist for 2.75 years. He dedicated himself to educating literally everyone about health IT, link building, nature facts, and Ruskin, FL produce.

Don passed away* on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 2:39pm after a tree fell on him while he was in an unmarked trailer in the woods behind his uncle’s house.

Although his time here at Bisk was cut way too short, Don had demonstrated a sense of integrity, humility, and passion that will continue to inspire those who had the honor of working with him. As an unofficial wordsmith and mediocre comedian, Don brought laughter, concern, and entertainment to his coworkers and friends.

Don leaves behind his SEO team and 2nd family, Mike “Peperez” Perez, Joe “Not Cool Enough for a Nickname” Schembri, Jonathan “JA Rule” Azares, Dean “The Machine” Vella, Umari “Sass Master” Osgood, Jared “Jar Head” Murawski, Marwa “Merve” Hijazi, Mitch “Lilo” Lee, and Chelsea “Dos” Clawson, along with the rest of his Bisk coworkers.

There will be a Bisk family-only viewing at Ploy Thai Sushi Restaurant on Tuesday, March 24, 2017 at 11:30am, and the final service will follow.

In remembrance of Don and his love for Joe Pulizzi,  please send Don and/or Pulizzi memes to his desk between now and Tuesday, March 24, 2017.

*Disclaimer: Ronald J. Vatalaro, Bisk Employee, is only dead in our hearts. Outside of Bisk, he still exists somewhere.