In the content team’s weekly meeting I did a presentation about working together with SEO. Since we’ve added some new talented individuals to the content team I thought it would be good to introduce our team and talk about how we support their efforts.

I’ve noticed that a lot of great content goes on the website, and sadly does not get a lot of traffic. This has to do with several factors such as keyword volume, but some other key issues are:

  • We don’t offer subscriptions to newsletters
  • We aren’t featured in any news feeds that feature timely or time sensitive content

That being said, it might be more appropriate in some cases to reach out to another website to host our content. These pieces featured on other websites can give our content valuable backlinks to help increase rankings for our articles that are fighting to be at the top of the search engine results pages. They may also have the infrastructure for newsletters and news feeds.

I would like to add; whether it’s appropriate for our brands to attempt to be featured in news feeds, or have a newsletter, is contingent on factors that would be unique to different brands and verticals. It may not be the best route in some or many cases.

The Quick Case Study

Here is the information from that presentation that pertains to a situation where it was more appropriate to host content on someone else’s website besides ours:

The above figure factors the amount of clicks reported by Google Search Console, and the estimated cost per clicks reported by SEMRush in the latter time period.

Now that we can produce quality content in-house at a faster clip, we can try to get our writers featured on high-quality websites that host guest writers. They might include nationally recognized news outlets such as Forbes, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, etc. Those backlinks can be the push we need for some of more competitive keyword groups.