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SEO Slaying Ez Pz

Hey, dudes. Here is the TL;DR for those who h8 8/8 m8. The Carnegie Mellon Capability Maturity Model (CMM) originated from software development. It describes. It does not prescribe. In software dev, movement from one level to the next may... Continue Reading →


Ronald J Vatalaro, CEO of RJV Media, leaves us at age 33

Ronald J Vatalaro, known as Don Valparaiso, was a dedicated Bisk employee and SEO Specialist for 2.75 years.

SEO Cool Thoughts of the Week

Make sure to no-index a development site before launching it Make sure to index it afterward Redirects are a great tool, 5 redirects on one page is not cool. Use Screaming Frog and use the option to follow redirects when... Continue Reading →

The Sky is Falling Checklist

At the request of the honorable Ronald J. Vatalaro, Esq., this post will contain my previously seen new website launch checklist. It will cover mostly issues regarding SEO/digital marketing items that should be addressed well before a site (re)launch or... Continue Reading →

Quick Case Study on Guest Posting

I've noticed that a lot of great content goes on the website, and sadly does not get a lot of traffic. This has to do with several factors such as keyword volume, but there is a solution.

The March 2017 Fred Algo Update

The reported "Fred Algorithm" may give some Bisk Websites a boost.

The Periodic Table of SEO Success

'Cause its just like science

Google may pick desktop over AMP page for the mobile-first index

Well, this is awkward...

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